Customizable Programs

Team Utah offers customizable on snow training in group and one on one environments. One of our goals is to make our programs accessible to everyone. One way we do that is by making all of our programs customizable, meaning that you only sign up and pay for the programs that fit your personal snowboarding needs and help you achieve your own personal set of goals.
We follow the Long Term Athlete Development model, and follow a Safety, Fun, and Learning hierarchy.


 We believe that snowboarding is both an individual sport and a lifestyle, so each member’s training program is customized to match that members personalized set of goals. The personalized goal set is created once a year and periodically updated with the help of the Team Utah Coaching Staff. A Team Utah personalized goal set is the […] Continue reading →


 “By having the ability to customize your own training program and having access to our team’s discounts on equipment and passes, the dream of reaching your full snowboard potential is not limited by how much money you have. Nothing in life is free, but we can help you manage the cost of snowboarding and give […] Continue reading →