Our Mission

To develop character and confidence in snowboarders of all ages and backgrounds so they can be more successful as riders and as people

To share the culture, lifestyle, progression, and passion of snowboarding

To set a standard for our staff and members which guarantees a reputation in the industry

Our Vision

If you have a passion for snowboarding you should be able to pursue that passion for your life time. Our club is in existence to facilitate that lifetime pursuit. We offer a holistic set of services to our members all geared towards achieving each member's personalized goals within snowboarding.

We offer competitive level coaching on the snow, cross training to help prevent injury and have more success in the winter, portfolio development, industry involvement, character building, and travel.

Meet the Team

Lane Clegg


Passionate Snowboarders Across Utah

Our club strives to be inclusive, to support any snowboarder that is passionate about snowboarding.

Jacob Levine

Executive Director

Next Steps...

We serve the snowboard community and are always looking for new members at every level from athlete, to volunteer, to intern, to coach, to industry partner. Email to get involved in the club.