The Team Utah concept was born out of the recognition that the current model being used to coach snowboarders was under serving riders’ needs and taking snowboarding in the wrong direction.

Rather than recognizing that snowboarding is both a sport and a lifestyle the old model pigeon holes snowboarding into a competition only focus. Rather than helping to make snowboarding more accessible the old model makes snowboarding more exclusive.

We believe that competition has its place in snowboarding, but that it is not the be all end all. Snowboarding is a sport and a lifestyle, for a snowboarder to be successful in sport and in life he or she must have a balance of on the snow progression and character development.

The Team Utah model is based on using economies of scale to make snowboarding more accessible to people by spreading the costs of snowboarding across an ever growing group of people, and by hosting programs at multiple locations which also makes snowboarding more geographically accessible. We currently host programs at 9 different locations in Utah during the winter, offer cross training, internships, industry involvement, and global travel to our members year round.

We also set the standard in snowboard coaching by setting a strict standard of qualifications required to become a Team Utah coach, and creating a coach education system that enables our staff to continuously develop themselves to become better and better coaches.

All of our programs are designed with the assertion that snowboarders are individuals, so the way they use the club is customizable and tailored to their needs through the implementation of a personalized goal set. The goal set includes snowboard skill development, character building, and industry involvement. After the creation of a goal set with the help of a Team Utah coach, each member then picks from our variety of services to achieve the goals they’ve laid out for themselves. Members receive coaching, discounts on equipment and season passes, and travel opportunities for competition, training, and life enrichment.

We offer coaching in all snowboard disciplines, and help to make the progression of our beloved high risk, high impact activity of snowboarding safer, more fun, and more successful.

For information on becoming a member please check out our membership tab or email info@teamutah.org