Founders: Lane and Stu

Lane Clegg is a founder, director, and head coach for Team Utah. Lane and his fellow directors materialized their brainchild in early 2009 with the creation of Team Utah, and Lane continues to be the man behind the success of TUT. Lane’s coaching has produced USASA Regional Champions, USASA National Champions, and even X Games competitors.
Lane has been riding slightly longer than he has been coaching, but got into the coaching game early. Riding with friends in the early/mid eighties first in the backcountry and then at sympathetic resorts (Brighton and Park West) he had a little bit of knowledge when Snowbird decided to open to snowboarders. One of three original instructors to help the program start at the ‘Bird, he stuck with it through it’s early (albeit slow) growth until the program grew to its largest size of over 100 instructors in 2002. In 1988 Lane became one of the first group of snowboard instructors to become fully certified, and started developing instructor educational materials, as well as becoming an examiner for certified instructors. In 1996 Lane tried out and was selected to be part of the PSIA (Professional Ski Instructors of America) Snowboard Demonstration Team – a group that develops and helps deliver instructional content across the country. Soon after becoming a member of the team, that group staged a small revolt and broke away from the PSIA by reorganizing as AASI (American Association of Snowboard Instructors) and demanding they be recognized as snowboarders – not skiers. AASI completely changed the methodology of snowboard instruction to what is currently used in instruction and coaching today.

Unlike many coaches Lane came up not through competition but through a coaching background. He received his BS from the University of Utah in Psychology – emphasis on sports psych – once he realized that was where his talents and passion were. He has spent a lot of time training instructors and helping develop educational materials through his work in AASI and became a consultant for USSA (United States Snowboard Association) back in 1998, when he started helping that organization develop coaches education. Leaving the Snowbird Mountain School in 2003 he quickly found a new home as the Head Coach of the Snowbird Snowboard Team. With the amazing terrain at Snowbird and the introduction of USASA competition to the team, the numbers quickly grew and some amazing riders started to emerge who competed in national and international competitions. He stayed active in USSA and became active in USASA, quickly gaining his level 100 and 200 coaches certification and then moving into the group of Trainers for other coaches. He is now one of a small group of level 300 coaches who develop and implement coaches educational content. In 2007 Lane was named the new coach for the AASI National Team.

While Lane is still the Head Coach at Snowbird, he and other coaches around the Intermountain Region talked at competitions about how the sport wasn’t growing like it should, especially around the Salt Lake City area. With the amazing access to world class resorts and the huge population center along the Wasatch range, Utah should be producing many of the top athletes in the world. He and TUT coach/director Stu Rea chatted often about the resources available and underutilized in the state and how they could help bring snowboarding to a larger percentage of the population. Here the idea was born for Team Utah in which athletes (or prospective athletes) could easily gain access to training at one of the many resorts around the state. By taking advantage of the multitude of resort options as well as some truly exceptional (and unique) training opportunities like the Olympic Park and USSA’s Center of Excellence, TUT could offer world class training at prices that were within reach of a more middle class population. So with that idea in mind Team Utah was started in the spring of 2009.

Currently Lane is head snowboard coach of SBSEF in addition to his managerial duties.

Stu Rea is a Director and Coach for Team Utah, as well as one of the founding members.

In his own words: “My name is Stu Rea, and I have been snowboarding for 19 years. Yeah, i am old! I was born in Great Britain, but emigrated to New Zealand in the early nineties, then to the US in 2001. I have experienced snowboarding in the USA, France, Italy, Austria, Spain, japan, Canada, and New Zealand. I am qualified snowboard pro in Europe, New Zealand and USA . I have been consistently working back to back seasons since 1995 from the USA/Europe and NZ.
I started my professional sporting career not in snowboarding but in other contact sports, namely martial arts and boxing, from the age of 9. I represented my country many times including 3 world championships, gaining 3 bronze medals, and also was European champion during my 10 year career. I stopped competing due to an eye injury, so i decided to make my other passion of snowboarding my next career.Initially I raced in Boardercross and Slalom, but I liked the baggy clothes the freestyle crew wore so i decided to get my jib on.
I have been a Qualified Snowboard Professional since 1993, working for various ski schools/teams and specialized winter sports organizations. I have taught and coached all levels of ability and age groups in various countries.
I have worked for many great mountains in the USA, Mammoth, Northstar, and Park City to name a few. When I worked in NZ, I directed the snowboard schools at Coronet Peak and The Remarkables, in addition to the NZ snowboard instructors training division and several other instructor training agencies. I am currently working at Park City Mountain Resort where I act as their Technical Director, as well as also the Head examiner and Demo team Coach for the AASI-Western Division. When not going back to NZ I work with athletes at the Olympic water Park and up at Mount Hood.
I am qualified for the USSA/USASA as a level 300 coach. I have coached my athletes at many events including Grand Prixes, PBRJs, USASA nationals, US Opens, and Burton Am Series competition. I am also the USSA/USASA Coaches Representative for Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming. I have qualifications in Mountain Environmental Safety and am First Aid certified. I have Stage 1 Professional Avalanche Safety Management qualifications approved by the NZ Mountain Safety Council (backcountry guide association). I am a Certified Snowboard Coach/Judge, and I amcurrently fully qualified within various Snowboard organizations in several countries, both in the training, coaching and officiating sides of our industry.
I have achived a technical engineering degree in mechanical engineering, I love motocross, and can be found trying to emulate Travis Pastrana (unsuccessfully) during my summer down time.
My snowboard widows “wife” name is Megan and I have a son named Liam.
I am so stoked to be able to work with some of the best snowboard professional in the industry, and I want to thank them all for their hard work and commitment to Team Utah.
At TUT we feel that snowboarding can be more than just competition. It’s a way of life, and our goal is to produce life long memories for all involved.
See you out there!”