Who We Are

  • A club for snowboarders pursing our passion for lifelong progression in snowboarding

Our Mission

  • To develop character and confidence in snowboarders of all ages and backgrounds so they can be more successful as riders and as people

  • To share the culture, lifestyle, progression, and passion of snowboarding

  • To set a standard for our staff and members which guarantees a reputation in the industry

What We Do

Create opportunities for each member’s progression

  • We offer seasonal coaching programs that range from 1 to 6 days per week

  • We also offer pre-season cross training programs from 1 to 4 days per week

  • We compete in all disciplines of snowboarding at amateur and professional levels

We provide opportunities for industry involvement including internships, certifications, and job placement

  • Set the standard in career mentoring and coaching

    • All of our snowboard coaches are certified and passed independent background checks
    • All of our snowboard coaches have experience working and competing in snowboarding

Utilize Strength in Numbers to make snowboarding more accessible to everyone

  • We ride at 9 different resorts, qualifying members have access to athlete rate passes

  • When we travel together we save on expenses

    • We currently travel worldwide for contest, filming, and riding opportunities
  • Qualifying members have the opportunity to purchase their gear at a discount through our partners and sponsors

  • Qualifying members can earn money to support their snowboarding by referring new members and selling their old gear through our digital swap program

“One of the things I like the most about Team Utah is that the older riders are so encouraging and positive with the younger ones. It means a lot to my 10-year old son to hear from someone that he looks up to that he’s killing it. He is so excited to be a part of this program that has been instrumental in building his confidence both on and off the mountain.”

Bridget Fletcher, Team Utah parent