The Personalized Goal Set

The personalized goal set is a cornerstone of all Team Utah Snowboarding Inc.’s programs.

We believe that snowboarding is for individuals, and so our programs should reflect that.

Each member is required to complete a yearly goal set with the help of a Team Utah coach that reflects the goals they will strive for as a Team Utah member. The goal set gets periodically updated, and serves as a concrete point of focus while snowboarding.

Members then choose which programs will best fit their needs to achieve their personalized goal set, so you can take from it what you want, and leave the rest. Every member understands that the amount of dedication they put in to their snowboarding has a direct relation to what they will get out of it.

When creating a goal set, we address a holistic set of aspects to a snowboarders progression including:

  • a tactical knowledge base – a smarter rider is a safer rider
  • physical fitness progression, focusing on core strength, balance, flexibility, and proprioception
  • freeriding
  • jibbing
  • jumping
  • halfpipe
  • competitive aspirations
  • industry involvement

The amount of each area of progression depends on a rider’s personality, interests, aspirations, and experience level. The coaches work with each member to create the goal set to insure that each element is appropriate for that member’s experience level in snowboarding.

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