bone zone

Occupy Bone Zone Event at Brighton

bone zone

On Saturday, November 14th Brighton hosted “Occupy Bone Zone”, a pre-season rail jam event that resurrected the renegade DIY jib park once outlawed in Big Cottonwood Canyon. The setup featured numerous jibs for all abilities, and accommodated the hundreds of shredders that attended, eager to throw down.

occupy bone zone

Here’s a view of the bottom half of the course, which featured down rails and ended with a quarterpipe. All of which saw some serious hammers being thrown down.

Some of the more advanced features were built by local pros like Alex Andrews and Ted Borland.

trevor occupy bone zone

Pictured above, Team Utah rider Trevor Otterson with a melon to flat off one off the gnarlier features at the event.

david occupy bone zone 3

Here’s Team Utah rider David Otterson with a bs 1 off the same feature.


caleb in chile

Summer Shred in Chile Part 2: Boardercross trip from the athlete perspective

This is a story about the second team trip we took to Chile this past August, from the perspective of Team Utah Snowboarding athlete Schuyler McFall.

caleb in chile

3 Mountains with impressive geography leaving you eager to explore more

Freedom, that’s what snowboarding has always given me. Snowboarding graciously gives you freedom to explore, to be independent and to break through physical and mental limits.

Between semesters I traveled with Team Utah to Chile to experience the country and to race in the SBX South America Cup. We started at Nevado de Chillan, moved to Corralco for the South America Cup and then headed to El Colorado for training.

Nevado de Chillan is in the Southern Andes on the slopes of the Chillan volcano and has fantastic backcountry terrain. The SBX course at Corralco was a bit challenging. It had pyramid features instead of rollers and the turns just disappeared so you had to apply good edge control, which made me super grateful for all those GS and slalom drills on hard packed snow I had to pass every weekend at Stratton Mountain as a grommet. The South America Cup was an amazing experience that pushed my determination to succeed. For the first race I garnered the top spot on the podium, securing my first Cup win and the second race, earned a respectable second.

The Chileans are a warm, open and fun-loving people. Couple this with some seriously inspiring geography and you’ll leave Chile motivated to explore more.

Sincere shout outs to Zeal Optics, Team Utah and All Board Sports!
SAC Podium 1

2015 South American Shred: Chile Part 1

From left to right: team riders Jacob Hunsaker, Ed Enyart, Anthony Buoscio, Coach Jacob, and team rider Colin Lacy stoked for a sunny pow day at Nevados De Chillan

From left to right: team riders Jacob Hunsaker, Ed Enyart, Anthony Buoscio, Coach Jacob, and team rider Colin Lacy stoked for a sunny pow day at Nevados De Chillan

The original plan for this year’s summer shred was to travel as a large group to Chile together with multiple coaches in order to achieve multiple objectives: Coach Jacob was going to lead the freestyle and freeride group, which would focus on freestyle training, filming on both man made park features and the natural terrain that Chile provided. Coach Lane was going to lead the boardercross group, which was going to both train for their discipline as well as compete in a couple of BX races while they were there. Well mother nature decided that winter in South America was going to take its time arriving, which caused the BX races to be moved on the calendar, and so the freestyle/freeride group wound up travelling separately from the BX group. Today’s post is from our team’s freestyle/freeride group’s trip, and the BX group’s trip will be featured in the “Chile Part 2” post, soon to follow…

The first crew that went to Chile featured Coach Jacob Levine, and riders Anthony Buoscio, Colin Lacy, Ed Enyart, and Jacob Hunsaker. After flying to Santiago we began the trip at El Colorado. We then traveled south and spent the second half of the trip at Nevados de Chillan. The conditions and weather made for some unexpected challenges and adventures, but the crew made it happen every day even when we had to hike for our turns or to session a feature. A big thanks goes out to our Chilean hosts, especially Wyn Brown at El Colorado, Alvaro Silva Zagal our tour guide and driver, and Soledad Chacon with Andeski Chile. The trip also wouldn’t have been possible without the help of the Lacy family, thank you Penny and Izzy, for being such good sports on the trip, and living with a crew of smelly snowboard bros for a week and a half.