Dry Land Cross Training Opportunity‏ at Utah Olympic Park

 Cross training with the team is not required, but recommended for all members. Getting in shape for the winter speeds progression and helps to prevent injury.  The first session will be on Thursday, September 13th, from 5-7pm. The first hour will be on the trampolines followed by floor exercises for the second hour.

The cost per session will be $10.

To attend you must be a current Team Utah member, and you must RSVP to jacob@teamutah.org

 For sessions at the UOP you are only required to bring yourself dressed in clothing you are comfortable exercising in. 

 Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Jacob Levine

Head Coach of Team Utah Park City




HCSC Session 6 Recap Video

Our team edit will be up soon, but in the meantime check out High Cascade’s Session 6 recap. It’s got shots of some of our new friends from camp, including the Winter Park Snowboard Team, and we got some bangers as well. Featured in this edit are team riders Andrew Tassell who got the ending shot, Jacob Hunsaker with multiple tricks including a back 7 nose, Tanner Vanlangeveld with a BS rodeo on the big jump, Alec Hunsaker in blue, and Harrison Fitch on the YES board.




Member Spotlight: Tanner Vanlangeveld

Tanner joined Team Utah midway through the 2012 winter with the objective of sharpening up his competition game and increasing his overall snowboard skills. At the end of the winter he not only qualified for USASA nationals for the first time in slopestyle, he won! Tanner is a prime example of a team rider setting out to accomplish some specific goals, and then used the team to achieve them.

Tanner has a new set of goals for himself, on a recent trip with the team to Mt. Hood he worked on putting a double backside rodeo down on snow. After 6 attempts he’d gotten the trick to his board, but has yet to ride away clean. At the rate he’s going he’ll be adding that trick to his slopestyle run in no time.

Click here for Tanner’s Season Edit


The crew on this trip. From left to right:Spencer Jennings, Jacob Hunsaker, Alec Hunsaker, Andrew Tassell, Tanner Vanlangeveld, Terrell Cooper, Harrison Fitch, Anthony Buoscio, and coach Jacob Levine

Photo recap of High Cascade’s Session 6 2012

The crew on this trip. From left to right:Spencer Jennings, Jacob Hunsaker, Alec Hunsaker, Andrew Tassell, Tanner Vanlangeveld, Terrell Cooper, Harrison Fitch, Anthony Buoscio, and coach Jacob Levine

This was one of our most successful summer shred trips to date. The crew on the trip pushed their riding super hard, everyone progressed, and everyone got some amazing shots. Stay tuned for the video edit coming soon.

Terrell ‘Scooter’ Cooper gettin’ flippy wit’ it

Andrew Tassell, rock gap stalefish

Tanner Vanlangeveld, monster back rodeo melon


Spencer Jennings, truck driver grab

Anthony Buoscio, tweaked fs 180 indy


Harrison Fitch, indy nose bone mid spin

Jacob Hunsaker, mean method



5 Team Utah Riders selected for USSA’s Project Gold Camp

Each year USSA selects a handful up an coming athletes from the various competitive disciplines of snowboarding and invites them to participate in its Project Gold Camps. Project Gold Camps take hand picked athletes and hand picked coaches and puts them together in an exclusive training environment to help their progression and move them one step closer to a spot on the US Team for the Olympics.

This year 5 Team Utah members were selected for Project Gold for boardercross, as well as Snowbird Chapter head coach Lane Clegg.

The Project Gold Boardercross Camp took place at Mt. Hood on a private boardercross track as well as the public areas of the mountain for freeriding.

To have one team member selected for Project Gold is quite an honor, but to have 5 selected…         ….well, let’s just say we must be doing something right.

“Gold Camp was an amazing experience, plain and simple. Being picked as one of the 30 best riders in the nation to go ride at Mt. Hood for a week with some of the U.S. Snowboard Team and being coached by some of the industries top riders was epic. Not a lot of people can say that they got coached by Ross Powers and Graham Watanabe for a week in BX, and the fact that I can say that I can is pretty rad. I learned more in a week than I have an entire season, new ideas were always cool to hear and even cooler to try out. I will take those ideas and skills with me in my snowboarding career and I thank Team Utah for preparing me for such a fantastic trip that I will never forget.”  -Tristan Clegg, Team Utah member and Project Gold Participant

The Team Utah riders who attended this year’s Project Gold Boardercross camp were Hunter Wilson, Caleb Lacey, Alyssa Dolgin, Cole Shreiber, and Tristan Clegg.


Jacob Hunsaker Melon Grab

Summer Shred at High Cascade Snowboard Camp’s Session 1

Jacob Hunsaker, Melon Grab over the big jump during the sunset photo shoot

The team headed up to Oregon this past June for High Cascade Snowboard Camp’s 1st session of the summer. We had an awesome crew for this trip including Jacob Hunsaker, Chase Fromm, Dillon Guenther, the Podmilsak boys, and Team Utah Park City head coach Jacob Levine. Despite having to deal with a couple of fog and rain days, the crew made the best of the trip and rode hard on every feature that Mt. Hood had for them. High Cascade’s private park, the Timberline public park, and a mini-quarter pipe were all put to good use.

Chase Fromm, fakie plant on the wall ride during the sunset shoot

This year Session 1 overlapped with High Cascade’s photo and film camp, and the team had the honor of being allowed to participate in the sunset photo shoot right along side the pro riders for the invite only event. Despite it being some of our team’s first sunset shoot everyone threw down and represented with style.

Dilly Guenther, front 3 tail at the sunset shoot