Team Utah Park City

Team Utah Park City is based at Park City Mountain Resort

A majority of our training programs take place in the World Class terrain parks at PCMR.

Click here for more info on PCMR’s terrain parks

Programs based at Park City Mountain Resort are for snowboarders who ride at a competitive level, and want to pursue the freestyle disciplines of snowboarding: Halfpipe, Slopestyle, and Railjams.

Programming ranges from 1 day per week to 6 days per week, and includes coaching, portfolio development, and travel. Portfolio development includes film and photo opportunities and character building through volunteering and internships.





Our coaching model follows a safety, fun, progression hierarchy providing step by step, incremental progression to the highest level of snowboard skills.


Inspired by the martial arts philosophy of skill mastery, our programs are divided by belt color. 



Explanation of the Belt System

In the Freestyle Skill Realm

• Yellow Belts – rides Neffland sized features

  has a basic freestyle bag of tricks

• Green Belts – rides Pick’n Shovel sized features

  has an intermediate freestyle bag of tricks

• Brown Belts – rides Pick’n Shovel sized features

  has an advanced freestyle bag of tricks

• Black Belts – rides King’s Crown sized features

  has an expert freestyle bag of tricks


Jacob Hunsaker method at hood 2013In the Contest Realm

•Yellow Belts – local level competitor

(regional events that do not require overnight travel)

• Green Belts – regional level competitor

• Brown Belts – USASA national level competitor

• Black Belts – USSA national level, semi-pro and professional competitor


Groups are created taking skill level and maturity level into consideration. All members are interviewed and must pass an on-hill skills assessment before they are eligible for any Team Utah Park City programs.


Please note: We do not offer snowboard lessons, lessons are available through Park City Mountain Resort, for info on lessons click here. To participate in any Team Utah Park City coaching programs you must be a current Team Utah member, and you must already be riding at a competitive level.

Costs to participate:

Membership, Program Fees, Season Pass, Equipment, Competition, and Travel

Annual Membership Fee $155. Click here to register/renew your membership

Annual membership gives members access to discounted pricing on equipment through our sponsors, as well as access to all of our team services: coaching, filming, travel, and career counseling.

Program Fees

Team Utah Park City offers on snow coaching for competitive snowboard athletes. Coaching programs range from 1 day per week to 6 days per week. The minimum required level of participation is 18 full day, or 36 half day coaching sessions during the season.

Athletes have the ability to customize their training schedule provided that they meet the minimum training requirement.

*Please note that all training requests must be submitted before November 1st. We accept athletes on a rolling admission, but after the registration deadline all additonal programming requires the approval of the team’s head coach.

Click here to register for the team and choose your custom schedule.

Season Pass To PCMR

A season pass to Park City Mountain Resort is required to participate in Team Utah Park City programs.

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Team riders aged 18- 24 have access to an athlete rate season pass, which costs $390. In order to be eligible for the athlete pass you must be registered as a team member by November 1st, and be committed to a minimum of 18 full day training sessions, or 36 half day training sessions with the team.


Team members are required to own and maintain their own equipment, however all members have access to discounts on purchasing equipment through our sponsors.


Athletes are responsible for all fees associated with participating in competitions, including memberships to the events’ sanctioning bodies, and registration fees to the individual events, and lift access to the event venues.

For regional level competition a USASA membership is required, click here to get more information about the regional competition series, Utah is within the ‘Big Mountain West’ region.

For national level competition a USSA membership and FIS license is required. Athletes must be at least 13 years old to participate in freestyle events at the national level, and at least 15 years old to participate in boardercross events at the national level. Click here for more information on national level events.

Travel Expenses

Travel expenses vary based on the destination, purpose, and length of the trip. Traveling with the team is almost alwasy more cost effective than traveling on your own.

Deposit due two weeks before departure, a balance of the travel expenses will be invoiced to each athlete after each trip.

For more info email: or call (888) 887 – 3282, option 2