The Snowbird Chapter is currently managed in partnership with the Snowbird Sports Education Foundation.

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The Snowbird Snowboard Team is a competition development team for riders aged six and up who want to improve their riding skills in a fun environment.  Using a Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model, we believe that fun should be the underlying premise in Snowboarding and that through  having fun we can progress our physical and mental skills leading towards competition.

The Snowboard Team trains up to 2 days per week on weekends starting in early December and ending in late March.  We will be focusing on developing skills to ride the entire mountain as well as introducing the necessary elements for competition in all the 5 disciplines: Slopestyle, Halfpipe, Boardercross, Slalom and Giant Slalom.  Snowbird has amazing Big-Mountain terrain and riders who develop their skills in this environment find the ability to adapt to all types of riding.

In addition to on-snow training the team also has an opportunity to do dryland training at the Black Diamond Gym (locations in both South Jordan and Kimball Junction).  This training focuses on preparing the riders for the season physically as well as introducing gymnastic and balance training using mats, foam pits and trampolines.

We will take riders as young as six who are interested in actively training, assuming they meet a minimum standard of riding and possess the mental skills.  We will evaluate these riders on a case-by-case basis to determine if they meet this minimum standard.  All riders must meet a minimum standard that they are able to confidently ride all green and most blue terrain making toe and heelside turns.

With an emphasis on having fun in a group environment, the team believes in creating better athletes through hard work, training and freeriding the best snow and terrain in the world.

All levels of competition from entry through World Cup

– Athletes must be currently 7-16 year old and able to ride most of the mountain.

– USSA Regional Competitor’s License (for insurance coverage). Completed online here

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