Photo recap of High Cascade’s Session 6 2012

The crew on this trip. From left to right:Spencer Jennings, Jacob Hunsaker, Alec Hunsaker, Andrew Tassell, Tanner Vanlangeveld, Terrell Cooper, Harrison Fitch, Anthony Buoscio, and coach Jacob Levine

This was one of our most successful summer shred trips to date. The crew on the trip pushed their riding super hard, everyone progressed, and everyone got some amazing shots. Stay tuned for the video edit coming soon.

Terrell ‘Scooter’ Cooper gettin’ flippy wit’ it

Andrew Tassell, rock gap stalefish

Tanner Vanlangeveld, monster back rodeo melon


Spencer Jennings, truck driver grab

Anthony Buoscio, tweaked fs 180 indy


Harrison Fitch, indy nose bone mid spin

Jacob Hunsaker, mean method


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