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Photo Recap of the team trip to HCSC’s 2013 Session 1

Despite the weather in Oregon deciding to be a bit cranky during the trip, we were still able to shred hard and get it done on the mountain and in the skate park. This was due to the solid crew that attended, including Dawsen Derksen, Jacob and Scott Podmilsak, Garry Stein, Chase Wiskerchen, Jacob Hunsaker, and Coach Jacob Levine.

The only true bummer about the trip was the rogue skateboard that shot into Dawsen’s ankle, making it so that he had to take some of the days off from snowboarding while the bruise and swelling healed.

On our last day of shredding, we found a window of light thru the clouds and built this rock gap.

Pictured below is Jacob Podmilsak, aka J-pod, tweaking a method, using his own unique line for the rock gap.




This shot is Chase Wiskerchen, rock gap stalefish.



Here’s Garry Stein with a mute over the rocks.



Garry strikes again with a tail grab over the rock gap.


Jacob Hunsaker, rock gap indy.



Coach Jacob Levine, Ollie to fakie at the Nike skatepark we got to session on a down day.

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