Portfolio Development

Here’s a little secret: To make snowboarding into a career you’re gonna need more than a couple of podiums and a couple of cool tricks. Today sponsors are looking for the whole package, riders that are marketable and know how to be professional when they need to be.


Do you know how to present yourself to a prospective sponsor?
What kind of media exposure have you gotten?
How about industry involvement, have you participated in any demos, worked at a trade show, or volunteered your time helping the less fortunate try  snowboarding for the first time?


By joining Team Utah Snowboarding, Inc. we cannot promise you’ll get sponsored, or become the next [insert your favorite pro’s name here], but we can get you pointed in the right direction, and give you some tools and experiences that will give you a much better shot.

For us, portfolio development is about building character, about how people see you on and off the snow. It is about taking your snowboard progression and using it as an analogy for being more successful in life.

Your own personal snowboarding¬†portfolio development begins at your first interview where we help you create your Goal Set. The more you put into it and the harder you work, the more progress you’ll make, and we are here to help you succeed.

There are no additional financial charges to the portfolio development part of our programs, that’s one of the values of becoming a member. Throughout the year we will announce when opportunities come up, and every experience you add will help you to develop a stronger character and become more successful in life as well as snowboarding.

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