Travel Opportunities

We travel as a team to go to contests, participate in film and photo shoots, and simply to get the experience of riding a new mountain. All travel opportunities are announced through our email list, contact us to be put on the list.

When you travel with a group of people it always costs less than traveling alone.

To go on a team trip you must be at least 13 years old or bring a parent/guardian along. Parent volunteers on team trips get their lodging, food, and transportation costs covered for helping out.

Before each trip we send out all the pertinent information via the email list, which includes the reason for the trip, costs, and the deadlines for payment.

This past year the team traveled nationally and internationally to compete, and we also went to High Cascade Snowboard Camp twice over the summer. When we do life enriching trips, like the ones to High Cascade, there is always value added to the trip by being a team member. For example, you get coached by a Team Utah coach who already knows your riding, and you get hooked up with professional level photo and video shoots, so you can show you’re friends and sponsors how hard you’re ripping with the team.

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