caleb in chile

Summer Shred in Chile Part 2: Boardercross trip from the athlete perspective

This is a story about the second team trip we took to Chile this past August, from the perspective of Team Utah Snowboarding athlete Schuyler McFall.

caleb in chile

3 Mountains with impressive geography leaving you eager to explore more

Freedom, that’s what snowboarding has always given me. Snowboarding graciously gives you freedom to explore, to be independent and to break through physical and mental limits.

Between semesters I traveled with Team Utah to Chile to experience the country and to race in the SBX South America Cup. We started at Nevado de Chillan, moved to Corralco for the South America Cup and then headed to El Colorado for training.

Nevado de Chillan is in the Southern Andes on the slopes of the Chillan volcano and has fantastic backcountry terrain. The SBX course at Corralco was a bit challenging. It had pyramid features instead of rollers and the turns just disappeared so you had to apply good edge control, which made me super grateful for all those GS and slalom drills on hard packed snow I had to pass every weekend at Stratton Mountain as a grommet. The South America Cup was an amazing experience that pushed my determination to succeed. For the first race I garnered the top spot on the podium, securing my first Cup win and the second race, earned a respectable second.

The Chileans are a warm, open and fun-loving people. Couple this with some seriously inspiring geography and you’ll leave Chile motivated to explore more.

Sincere shout outs to Zeal Optics, Team Utah and All Board Sports!
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