Join today and start your progression. To participate in any club program a membership to USSA and Team Utah Snowboarding is required. All memberships are valid through June 30th.

USSA Membership

To participate in any Team Utah programs you must be a current member of the US Ski and Snowboard Association, USSA

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Choose $30 General Athlete Membership if under 18 years old, choose $60 Volunteer membership if 18+

After Joining USSA choose from the following list of Team Utah memberships

Full Athlete Membership

Full Year Athlete Membership gives members access to all team programs including full season programs, specialized programs, drop-in programs, travel programs, and cross-training programs.

Full Athlete Members also have premium access to discounts on equipment and season passes through our industry partners and resort hosts.

Full Athlete Members also receive a team t-shirt and sweatshirt included with their membership.

$75 until September 1st, then $100, valid through June 30th

Intro/Visiting Membership

Intro/Visiting Members gives you access to cross training, travel programs, as well as drop in sessions, camps, and specialized sessions.

Intro/Visiting Members will have have to pay Drop-In rates on Winter programming

Intro/Visiting Members do not have access to discounts on gear and season passes

$35.00 Valid through June 30th

Cross Training Only Membership

Gives you access to our cross training programs at the Skateboarding and Trampoline sessions at the USSA Center of Excellence and the Airbag sessions at the Utah Olympic Park


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