A club for helping Utah riders chase their dreams

Mission: To share the lifestyle, progression, and passion of snowboarding

Use your club membership to access programs on your own terms. Set your own personalized goals in snowboarding and let us help you achieve them.

On-Snow Coaching

Competitive Level Skill Development

The new standard in snowboard coaching available across the state of Utah. Programs range from intro to competition through the World Cup levels. Sessions are geared around each member's own personal goals. Members also receive written feedback and video of their riding to help facilitate progression.

Travel Programs

Travel to live your dreams around the globe. Travel for fun and life enrichment. Travel to climb the ranks of the contest curcuit.


Prevent Injury, increase performance

Prehabilitation: the process of enhancing physical capacity of the snowboarder to enable him or her to withstand the demands of elite riding.

Path to Pro

Develop a portfolio of real world experiences designed to make you marketable in the snowboarding industry

Setting a New Standard in Coaching Programs

Custom Training Schedule

Access training programs at resorts across Utah. Plan a schedule that fits your needs. Full day sessions offered on weekends. Full day, half day, and evening sessions offered on weekdays.


All coaches are certified and have passed background checks. Max rider to coach ratio is 7 to 1. Skill progressions follow a step by step process, ensuring a solid foundation of skills to build up to the highest level of riding.


Our goal is to foster your passion and facilitate a lifetime of progression.


Progression. Start by defining your own personal set of goals, then customize how you participate in club programs to focus on achieving the goals you set for yourself.

Team Tracker: exclusive software for our members

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Team tracker is our platform where members access their media, get written feedback from training sessions, track progress towards goals, and manage programs.

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to the Next Level

Join us and train with passionate, credentialed coaches.

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